"The Epicurean Goat" Goat Meat Cookbook
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Goat Meat Cookbook

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The OFFICIAL IKGA Cookbook “ The Epicurean Goat “
A FIRST EDITION BEST SELLER since original publication in 2005. This First Edition is now sold out and has been so popular that we are now happy to announce that we have a New 2013 Revised Second Edition SPORTING A Newly Designed Cover with all original First Edition Recipes and more new recipes; PLUS a NEW Chapter on Favorite Side Dishes our members have contributed.
“ The Epicurean Goat “ has over 100 Goat Meat Recipes which include Stews, Chilies, Soups, Burgers, Sausage, Kabobs, Sauces, Marinades, Appetizers and even how to make Goat Jerky and much more. The Cookbook also contains a few Goat Milk and Cheese Recipes for those producers that raise both meat and milk goats.

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Simply Meat Goats Book

by Sandra G. Solaiman, PhD, PAS
Director of Small Ruminant Research
Caprine Research Unit
Tuskegee University, Tuskegee Alabama

Written for the new goat producer and published by George Washington Carver Agricultural Experiment Station at Tuskegee University, 'Simply Meat Goats' delves into the principles, production, practices, problems, profits and potential of the goat market.

A l00+ page A to Z guide covers all aspects of the industry, including breed selection, nutrition, record keeping, housing and marketing.

$18.95 each
Shipping & Handling Included

Storey's Guide to RAISING MEAT GOATS

Storey's Guide to Raising Meat Goats

by Maggie Sayer

Maggie Sayer has written extensively on animal raising and husbandry. In this essential handbook, she covers every aspect of acquiring, caring for, managing, and marketing meat goats.

A valuable resource for experienced and novice farmers. It includes the basics of selecting a breed, buying goats, basic health care, preventing disease, treating common ailments, how goats think and how to properly handle, house, and transport goats.

$18.95 each
Shipping & Handling Included